Support Overview

We closely work with and support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their initiatives.

We understand that using HPC involves understanding of many complex and inter-related aspects. One may face unexpected show stoppers at any time during an HPC initiative. Understanding where the issues are and how to resolve these requires a depth and breadth of experience.

It is unrealistic to assume that once you provide the basic HPC infrastructure, it is upto the HPC users to figure out the rest. While few users are undoubtedly very tech savvy, there are lot of users who would rather focus on solving their business problem rather than getting lost in the intricacies of HPC technologies and computational methods.

At CRL, we have embarked on the mission to make HPC affordable and accessible across the globe, regardless of the level of HPC awareness of our customers. We have designed our support programs to cater to the unique needs of our customers. Broadly speaking, these support services are organized as 'technical' and 'solutions' support.

Technical Support

Under technical support, we cover issues pertaining to the underlying HPC infrastructure, application execution envonment and other custom aspects. The support comes in three packages:

  • Standard Support
  • Extended Support
  • Custom Support

Solution Support

Under solution support, we provide domain specific application support. This support is applicable to those customers who leverage our HPC services and domain specific expertise.

For further details of our support plans, please contact us at .