Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
1 How is CRL related to the TATA Group of companies?
CRL is an innovate technology company founded by TATA Sons Limited to provide solutions in the emerging High Performance Computing market. CRL is a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Sons Limited. For more information about TATA group and TATA Sons, please visit www.tata.com.
2 What does CRL do?
CRL is a leading provider of High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions. We help our customers speed up their innovation cycles by leveraging the power of HPC and use of computational methods.
3 What is unique about CRL?
CRL built one of the largest commercial HPC facility in the world. When launched, CRL's 'EKA" system was rated #4 in the prestigious top 500 list in the world. The uniqueness of CRL stems from its deep expertise in all layers of HPC problem solving.
4 Is CRL targeting markets beyond India?
The mission of CRL is to make HPC accessible and affordable across the globe. Our HPC cloud facility in Pune is currently accessed from over 10 locations worldwide. In addition, we are setting up public HPC clouds in US and Europe.
HPC Solutions
5 What are the solutions provided by CRL?
We provide solutions to support the entire life cycle of a company's HPC initiatives. In the cloud business model, we provide public and private HPC infrastructure, platform, and HPC applications. We design and build custom high-performance appliances. We provide HPC consulting services from developing HPC strategy to develop and optimize HPC applications.
6 What are the current industry specific domains addressed by CRL?
CRL has developed deep expertise in Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences, Materials & Chemicals, Media & Entertainment, Information Security, and Oil & Gas sectors.
7 How big is current HPC facility at CRL?
CRL's public cloud facility (aka Eka) has 1800 compute nodes each having a dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors. Each node has 16 GB RAM and is connected to each other and the central storage (80 TB) through a 20 gigabit Infiniband network. ‘eka’ has a peak performance of 179 TF, and a sustained performance of 132 TF.
Access to CRL facility
8 How do I access CRL facility?
You need to set up an account with us by following a simple process. Please contact our support team at for further information.
9 Can I use CRL HPC resources from my personal computer?
Yes, you can run your programs on ‘eka’ simply through a web-browser connected to CRL through a secure VPN-channel over internet.
10 How secure is using CRL’s HPC services?
CRL services are being heavily relied upon by top customers and no incident of security breach has ever been reported. Further, CRL facility is ISO27001 certified. It has also undergone third party Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.
11 How much does it cost to use CRL Supercomputing facilities?
CRL believes in working on fully customizable business models. Our pricing depends a lot on your requirements. We know ourselves to be very competitive in the marketplace. We do offer volume discounts to customers with long-term computing needs.