Making HPC Accessible and Affordable Across the Globe

We understand that businesses need to innovate at a faster pace than ever. Innovation requires gaining newer insight by examining complex systems and phenomenon and by analyzing and visualizing massive amounts of data. This requires understanding of a host of HPC and computational methods issues which are not germane to your business problems. Furthermore, you need a signficant upfront capital layout if you want to approach HPC the traditional way.

At CRL, we have developed a strong competency in all areas of HPC and offer solutions to suit our customers, regardless of their size and locations. Our solutions are divided into the following categories:

HPC Cloud

We offer HPC infrastructure and applications in the pay as you go business model of the cloud. Customers can access our public cloud facility remotely. Alternatively, we can also set up a private cloud at customers premises and still operate in the pay as you go business model.

HPC Services

We understand that merely acquiring compute cycle does not necessarily mean that you are making an effective use of your effective use of your HPC investments. HPC service offerings are designed to get the most out of your HPC initiatives.

Industry Solutions

At CRL, we go extra miles to assist our customers in their innovation efforts. Besides provides HPC infrastructure and expertise, we have also development deep expertise in various industry verticals. Our domain experts can help you throughout the life cycle of your HPC initiatives - from formulating and modeling of the problem to the intrepretation of results and fine tuning your computational experiments.