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Tata Sons' CRL Partners with Force India

Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, and Force India Formula One Team (FIF1), India's first and only F1 team, today announced an exclusive three-year multi-million dollar partnership deal to offer a fully automated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution to aid the design of the team's next-generation race cars as well improve aerodynamic efficiency in the current racing models. This will be the first time a Formula 1 team will leverage an Indian HPC (high performance computing) organization for their design activities.

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Tata group to soup up supercomputer's processing power five times

When it was developed two years ago, the Tata group's supercomputer, christened Eka, was ranked the fourth fastest in the world by the US-based International Conference for High Performance Computing. It was also ranked the fastest in Asia for High Performance Computing, networking, storage and analysis.

Since then, with many US companies developing faster supercomputers, Eka was pushed down to 13th position.

The Tata group, however, is not lying low. It is now planning to increase the supercomputer's processing power by at least five times, under a project titled Eka plus plus (Eka++). The Computational Research Laboratories--a subsidiary of the Tata group's holding company Tata Sons--has already started work on this front.


Asia's fastest supercomputer props up Indian animation

What can simulate crash tests for automobiles, aid designing of aircrafts, fasten the process of drug discovery, simulate oil fields for multi-nationals and help render high-end 3D graphics? It's 'Eka' (Sanskrit for 'the one'), a supercomputer in Pune, India.

Set up by Computational Research Laboratories Ltd. (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd., Eka is the largest and fastest computational cluster available for commercial use in the world. Unveiled at the Supercomputing Conference in November 2007, it was ranked the fourth fastest in the world. The system has a peak compute power of 172 TeraFlops (one TeraFlops is the ability to do one trillion calculations per second) generated by 1800 compute servers working in unison.


Rendering high quality animation frames within a short turnaround time is an edge that animation studios can leverage to save time, money and thus make way for involvement in highly ambitious projects which need detailed textures and complicated graphics. ‘Eka’, the supercomputer made by Computational Research Laboratories Ltd (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd., provides just the kind of service that animation studios look for to overcome the rendering bottleneck.


The Boeing Company is partnering with Computational Research Laboratory (CRL), a subsidiary of the Tata Group, to test and validate one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, the Indian made Eka System.

As part of the collaboration, Boeing has shared information with CRL on the processes needed to conduct numerical simulations on high lift aerodynamics. Boeing will also provide CRL with wind tunnel and flight test data for comparison purposes.


CRL and Boeing tie-up for super comp Eka

City-based Computational Research Laboratory (CRL), a subsidiary of Tata Sons, has tied up with Boeing to test and validate super computer Eka.

It has been made at CRL and rated as the fourth fastest super computer in the world and the fastest in Asia by the International Conference of High Performance Computing Networking Storage and Analysis.


Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, and Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, today announced an agreement to jointly support cloud computing research. As part of the agreement, CRL will make available to researchers one of the world's top five supercomputers that has substantially more processors than any supercomputer currently available for cloud computing research