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High Performance Rendering Solutions By CRL

1. Rendering on CRL Public Cloud

Studios can directly the CRL public cloud infrastructure from anywhere, anytime with the business model flexibility of 'Fixed Term Usage' or 'On Demand Usage'. The HPC Public Cloud at CRL has the following installed capacity available for your use:

  • 1800 servers (15,000 + servers) and growing
  • Intel Xeon 64 bit architecture
  • 100+TB of high speed parallel storage

The tools and software available include:

  • Schedulers - Guerilla Render,Alfred, and Smedge
  • Rendering Software - 3DS Max, Mental Ray, Maya 2008, 2009, 2011, XSI Soft Image, Shave & Haircut, Houdini, MentalRay, and RenderMan

Areas of application include:

  • 3-D Full Length Features
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • High-End 3-D Modelling
  • Gaming
  • Industrial Animation
  • E-Learning
  • Animated Series


2. Private Cloud Rendering Solution

For those studios, who would rather prefer to have HPC access at their own premises, CRL has put together, a novel offering, that combines the benefits of public cloud business model and the comfort level of having HPC facility in your own backyard.

Apart from all the features of the CRL public cloud, Private Cloud Rendering offering has the additional flexibility of creative business models and customized services.

“I am extremely proud of my relationship with CRL. I never thought that things would get solved so easily and quickly”
- A K Madhavan, CEO, Crest Animation – April 2010

Media & entertainment organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase the business value of their media assets by empowering their creative talent with the right tools and technology.

Primary business objective of Animation and FX studios is to maximize their return on investment by ensuring that:

  • Their products are released in the market at the right time and right place.
  • Quality and differentiation of their products is not compromised because of the tight deadlines.

The production of 3-D animation and CGI intensive movies is a highly creative endeavour with not too many opportunities to drive efficiency. However, the rendering of the final frames is one area where there is a significant variation depending on the level of access to high performance rendering infrastructure.

With the availability of affordable HPC clusters, it is now possible to significantly reduce the time it takes to release an animation project to the market.

To realize this promise of HPC however, a company has to make significant investments in HPC infrastructure, acquire highly specialized talent, and has to deal with concerns arising out of the peaks and valleys in the execution of projects. If this is all done in-house, the return on investment (ROI) equation gets very quickly skewed to a risky zone. The efforts to manage ROI invariably leads to limiting the growth potential of the company.

CRL Provides an Happy Alternative

HPC solutions from CRL offer an alternative that allows Animation and VFX studios to make the most out of their HPC expense without worrying about the hassles of acquiring and developing specialized HPC technology or talent. Studios get instant access to a high-speed, flexible, and scalable state-of-the-art infrastructure. Computational capacity is provisioned to match the workload to ensure speedy and timely completion of rendering projects without incurring excessive costs.

Delivering Value to Media and Entertainment Customers

At CRL, we provide a complete ecosystem with a production ready state-of-the-art HPC infrastructure, domain expertise in Life Sciences, and in-house HPC expertise to support custom needs of the life sciences industry.

We deliver value to Media and Entertainment customers in many ways:

Anytime, Anywhere Access: CRL provides secure remote access mechanisms for submissions, monitoring and intermediate data transfers to review execution results.CRL services are leveraged by leading studios in India. There are instances where studios have been able to successfully transition their entire production environment on to CRL's HPC ecosystem.

Production-ready State-of-the-Art System: With CRL, studios get a flexible, scalable, highly available and state-of-the-art HPC system that is ready to use. Most software that is required by studios have been pre-loaded and tested, thereby eliminating startup delays and concerns.

Fast Response to Surge Capacity Requirements: The flexibility and responsiveness of CRL IT experts, to ramp-up or ramp-down capacity at a short notice, allows the studios to closely match the capacity to their demand. The obvious benefit is reduced time to market while miminimizing expenses.

Enhanced Data Security and Business Continuity: Security data and ensuring business continuity for our customers are of prime concern to us.Our rendering infrastructure is accessible only through a web-based VPN, secured further by a two-step authentication method. Redundant systems for supercomputer as well as data backup mechanisms are in place to ensure business continuity for all our customers.