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CRL Solutions for Seismic Data Processing
Reverse Time Migration Using CRL’s high performance infrastructure along with RTM, both E&P players and service providers can solve their seismic models with complex geometries in a short turnaround time.
2D/3D Seismic Wave Modeling CRL’s computational tools (including parallel I/O) and domain knowledge allows modeling of 2D/3D waves with a high precision and in quick time.
Seismic Waveform Inversion Waveform inversion methods using nonlinear optimization are computationally demanding and require HPC infrastructure. CRL provides Genetic Algorithm based nonlinear waveform inversion solution

HPC is a real game changer for Oil and Gas exploration. Easy conventional oil is harder to find and requires more intensive processes for production. Exploration of non-conventional sources on the other hand gets lot more expensive. Deploying HPC makes it possible to use more complex models, perform more simulation iterations and to conduct better analysis.

CRL offers the following solutions for Seismic Data Processing and Reservoir Simulation for the Oil and Gas vertical.

Seismic Data Processing

The business objective of seismic data processing is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of exploration. The analysis focus is on reducing error margins in prospect generation and to lower the probability of dry holes. The overall impact is speeding up of the time to first oil.

Seismic data being analyzed by geoscientists have grown tremendously in volume. Analysis and visualization algorithms and tools continue to evolve, requiring more and more memory and compute cycles. As a result, timely access to HPC resources and expertise has become crucial to exploration activity.

Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir simulation models are being used in new-field development, as well as in developed fields where production forecasts are needed to help make investment decisions, identify the number of wells required, improve oil recovery, identify opportunities to increase production in heavy oil deposits, and many more critical aspects of production.