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Computational Fluid Dyanamics

Numerical Simulation of flow over Ahmed Body using OpenFOAM–1.6 by Santosh Kumar, Ashish Singh and Kishor Nikam, Abstract Accepted for 22nd International Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2010, May17-21, 2010, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Parametric Study of Wind Noise Generation from an Overhang Cavity using Morphing Technique by Ashish Singh and Kishor Nikam, 5th INDIA/ASEAN HyperWorks Technology Conference (HTC),14th-16th Sep 2009

Computational Simulation of Flow Over a High Lift Trapezoidal Wing by Rajesh Ranjan, Abhishek Khare, Stimit Shah, Raashid Baig, S.Pavitran, Kishor Nikam and Anutosh Moitra, Submitted to IISC Centenary International Conference and Exhibition on Aerospace Engineering (ICEAE2009), May18–22, 2009

Computational Materials Science

Simulating Chaotic Mixing in Micro Flows using Lattice Boltzmann Method by Palla Venkata Gopala Rao, Mahesh Mynam, Sivarama Krishna Jandhyala, Santhosh V. Kumar and Rajendra Patrikar, International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems(ICMEMS), Jan2009

Structural Optimisation of Small Au-Clusters by K. Kaushik, Savita S. Pundlik, Abhijat M. Vichare, and Rajendra M. Patrikar, 2nd Bangalore Nano, December 11-13, Bangalore, India

DFT study of CO adsorption on Pt(111) by Sivarama Krishna J, International Conference on Applications of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICANN), IIT Guwahati, Dec 9-11, 2009