High Performance Rendering

Rendering high quality animation frames within a short turnaround time is a precious edge that animation studios can leverage. Needless to say that saving time is saving money. Additionally, by saving time and money, studios can also move to bigger and more ambitious projects which need detailed textures and complicated graphics.

We at CRL provide the services of ‘eka’, our enterprise class, highly reliable supercomputer for rendering animation frames within a turnaround time unfathomable with normal renderfarms or clusters. We also bring to the table a team of experts and the user friendly technology which makes the ‘rendering’ phase, surprisingly, seamless and enjoyable!

You can use ’eka’ to render frames for:

• 3-D Full length feature films • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) • Visual Effects (VFX) • High end 3-D modeling A choice of Fixed term provisioning and On-demand usage of the High Performance Computing (HPC) services, provides a highly versatile offering, which allows the you to select the option that best fits into the project life cycle.

Some of the key benefits that an animation studio can take for granted when ‘eka’ for rendering are:

• Super speed rendering with flexible payment options • Highly secure remote access capabilities • Ability to provision on-demand high bandwidth links for data transfers • Compute server and storage provisioning tailored to the needs of the studio • Ownership model while not worrying about capital investment • Streamlined support service and easy access to HPC expertise • High level of physical and network security • Highly reliable enterprise class HPC infrastructure

Some of the major applications which have been leveraged by various customers for seamless and superfast rendering on our infrastructure are:

• Maya 7.0, 8.5,2008 and 2009 • Renderman; Studio 1.0.1 and ProServer 13.5.4 • Smedge • Mental Ray • Shave and Haircut • 3DS Max 2009 • XSi 7.0 • Alfred ’eka’ has a highly versatile architecture and can be customized for customer requirements in terms of technical configurations as well as porting of custom software applications.

A testimony to the power of leveraging ‘eka’ for animation is ‘Roadside Romeo’. The Yash Raj productions 3-D full length animation movie was fully rendered by Tata Elxsi – VCL using ‘eka’. We leverage the experience serving some customers who have established a new standard in quality of animation and graphics, to ensure that your rendering process is seamless and fun.

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