Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an integral part of the engineering design cycle for many companies and research organizations. CFD is helpful in giving early breakthrough in the conceptual stages of the product design process. CFD significantly reduces design and development time, provides detailed information otherwise not available from physical experiments and quickly simulates a wide range of flow conditions. However, many complex CFD problems and simulations like LES, DES and DNS are not attended because of lack of computational power. High Performance Computing (HPC) is really useful to expand the practical boundaries of CFD.

CFD Group Capabilities:

Highly diversified and experienced CFD team at CRL along with our High Performance Computing (HPC) facility “Eka” offers solutions in wide range of end-to-end engineering simulations, enabling our customers to drive the products from concept to reality in a much shorter time.Till date, we have successfully completed projects for Boeing, Piaggio Aero, National Aerospace Laboratories, Formula SAE Team, Tata Motors, Suzlon, and Tata Steel etc.

The salient features of CFD capabilities at CRL are:

  • Highly automated parallel work flow (Pre-processing, Simulations and Post-processing) for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimized on Eka
  • Capability of generating and handling very large grids (successfully tested up to 200+ Million cell counts)
  • CFD solvers are well benchmarked on Eka to give the optimal value proposition to customer
  • Diversified CFD solutions for industries ranging from automobile and aerospace to energy and chemicals.
  • In-house CFD solver development, system software and HPC domain expertise