Computational Biology

Computational Biology enhanced by HPC at CRL, is being applied to areas like high throughput virtual screening, genome analysis, and applications in medicine. Scientists at CRL India are engaged in development of models that process data beyond normal barriers, and work in specialized areas including molecular modeling, to develop applications in the Computational Biology arena.

Right from helping our Pharmaceutical customers in in-silico drug discovery, where we help them identify leads and protein targets of significant value by performing virtual screening of compounds, to developing tools and workflows for sequence analysis, and designing models for predictive toxicology, we help our customers in every aspect of their needs. With 'eka', we have almost infinite computational power at our disposal. Our tools and workflows are fast which for instance permits MD Simulation of a large system of 50000 atoms for a time scale of 7 nanoseconds to be finished in a day, versus a month on a single core workstation.

We at CRL India help our customers bring their product and solutions from concept to market sooner by addressing their specific domain and technology issues, giving them a high return on their investments. At our high performance computing facility, we have catered to the needs of some of the prominent names in industry and organizations, like Advinus, Genotypic, National Chemical Laboratory and Indian Institute of Sciences to name a few.

The CRL Computational Biology team is composed of people with diverse and complementary domain knowledge ranging from bioengineering and bioinformatics to computer science, biology, and medicine. We are always open to new ideas, and in pursuit of new challenges.