Atmospheric Science

Accurate and timely prediction of natural processes, weather and climate is becoming an essential element for the industry and more for the lifestyle of mankind. Numerical weather prediction techniques use current weather conditions as input into mathematical models of the atmosphere to predict the weather.

Manipulating the huge datasets and performing the complex calculations necessary to do this on a resolution fine enough to make the results useful requires the use of the most powerful supercomputers.

'eka' as the backbone of High Performance Computing, and with models WRF, MM5, MOM4, CCSM CRL provides predictions on weather, ocean and climate parameters at very high resolutions.

CRL has developed a robust, automated and tightly integrated framework for providing services that cater to the specific needs of the industry needs.

CRL has partnered with institutions of repute in India and around the Globe, to design and develop innovative models and solutions that can improve the weather forecasting mechanism, by trying to combine science and applications.